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Ministerial Alliance

"Healing Hands" Outreach Ministry

Our Mission:

To go beyond the sanctuary walls and reach those in the hedges and byways (streets, prisons, jails, hospital, nursing homes, etc.


Our vision is global (Kingdom Building) to every ethnic background, religion, race, and creed to unite, to empower this world with God's words. God 's word will position all God's people in their prospective places in the army of God.

Evangelistic Outreach Ministry

A ministry to equip, teach, and encourage men, women, boys, and girls to live a life of dominion and authority commanded by God.

Our goal is to assist both genders, male and female to realize their God given purpose and to execute that purpose while living on earth. To freely impart into people lives in wisdom and knowledge that God has given us. To break the shackles off people lives so that they can accept Christ as their Savior.

We currently meet once a month to discuss desires topics which effect our lives and take care of administrative business of this ministry. We also are available at that time to counsel, pray for, and meet any other spiritual needs a person has that will help him or her become the person God has called them to